06 February 2008

a really really short update for the moment

finally getting down to update a bit =)
shall back date bout my hols another time. but for now.. sch work and pressure is swarming in alright as i struggle with my modules and fyp and my "non-discipline-ness" its terrible! hehe
Been thinking bout how I actually made it thru the last 3 years of my uni life. it has really been God's blessings how I managed to pull thru and do relatively well despite not really liking wat I study? hee.

Lots of uncertainty at this point of time mainly coz i'm graduating soon! its way too fast!
still unsure where God is leading me at this point of time is the many areas of my life. but I guess I am determined to wait for His signal and not rush ahead of Him again.

23 November 2007

exam song

it has kinda been like a tradition for me to have an exam song each semester. so here's for this sem =)





Streams of Praise: 祷告

(hmm. had some problem uploading the song. will troubleshoot it a bit and hopefully upload it sometime later)

14 November 2007

The elastic band

just about 16 more days to the end of this sem! =) did some reflecting and realise that there are just far too many things to thank God for. where do i start? looking back into my personal journal which I started keeping this sem, i was reminded again of how God has been so absolutely faithful to me.

this sem has been by far one of the worst? (or maybe every sem just feels pretty much the worst. hehe) but yeah.. had a crazy amount of work.. a total of 10 projects on top of my final year proj, my 7 subjects and all the ministry commitments.

I must say that before this, I kinda never really knew how being stressed feels like? my elastic band has been pulled at for ages, and it has never really reached its limit. but somewhere in the middle of this sem, i felt for the first time that I was nearing breaking point. for an entire 1-2 weeks, i felt like if i was given one more tug, i'll break; i'll plunge right into the pits. in moments of depair like these, God was the only person who can help me and so I prayed

at the end of the craziest weeks of my life.. an entry from my journal. dated 19th Sept '07

God sustained me through this hectic and impossible week. I was reminded during Oasis that God has always been there with me all the time; that I wouldnt have gotten through it all if He hasnt been the one helping and carrying me through them. When I was feeling emotionally down, God gave me the opportunity to trust in Him, to lean on Him, to depend solely on Him to lift my spirits up. As I look back to the events of the past week, I see God in the whole picture; how He left me alone at times when everything was overwhelming and consuming me, to remind me to go back to Him, how He brought people to remind me of the things that should matter and to correct my perspective.
As I prepared for bible study on Luke 10:38-42 (Jesus' visit to Mary and Martha), I was yet again reminded of how much a 'Martha' I can be. that against my natural incline, I must and I must wait upon the Lord; to take time out with Him, to listen to His voice. I thank God that He heard me at my breaking point, at the peak of all things vying to tear me apart, He swooped me up as a Father would with His beloved child, and rescued me from the snares of this world. He preserved me.

11 November 2007

ze cough

*cough cough*
my new phrase of the week.. hehe
yup.. been coughing for about a week now and its still going strong.. must be the stress eh?
But I really thank God for wonder friends who have really been looking out for me =)
Friends who've passed me medicine and vitamin C, who've been checking and asking me bout me constantly, and who've entertained me in the wee hours of the morning when I couldnt sleep coz i was coughing.
and also really appreciate my mum who have been cooking up all sorts of concoction for me ever since she found out i've been coughing. so far.. I've have some OPC thing with vit C... and pi pa gao.. and some pear thing with dont know what..

But anyway.. had a pretty busy sunday as usual.. but a fantastic time =)
It has really been loads of fun playing in the ensemble! well. if ure wondering wat the ensemble is for.. my church is having a huge musical production - TPG 2007- put up by the kids together with all the teachers (who are mostly youths).
it'll be on the 7th of dec, 7.30pm in Church of Singapore (Marine Parade). tickets have been fully sold out already!! but i have a few seats reserved.. so if any of u wanna come, let me know asap! if not there's always the overflow room =)
some teasers.. photos i took of my class preparing for the production, the ensemble rehearsal and the technical run

my class at work on the props and costumes

the boys at work.. a rare sight?

my whole class!!! love them loads =)

(my sister with the french horn!)

A total of almost 20 ppl in the ensemble. 1 clarinet, 3 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 tenor sax, 1 french horn, 1 euphonium, bout 8 violins, 1 cello and 1 double bass

The teachers hard at work.. hee
got you guys interested yet? buzz me =)

02 November 2007

the fun we have!

My best-est friends in school =)

Donut feast! 6 of us sat in a circle with like 6 donuts, took 1 bite and passed it on.. yum yum
oh oh.. there's my hand in the bottom right corner =)
jud with the cinnamon donut.. shu with the cocopops donut.. bao with the strawberry donut.. melia with the oreao donut.. may with the blueberry donut.. (xx missed out on the donuts.. opps.. hee)

this was just a few days back.. 7 of us.. with 7 laptops.. multi-tasking and doing 3 different proejcts at the same time! oh oh.. xx's on the right there

the thorn among the roses.. *grinz*.. thats the small little discussion room in sch, with the tiny little table for us to work on.

its pretty much a mess like this all the time.. but its our cosy little place to study till like past midnight?

yeap! the people i love!! =)

01 November 2007

the battle belongs to the Lord..

well.. finally decided to start blogging! so many amazing things have happened in the last few months.. so many stories and all to share. dont even know where to start. i'll prob backdate here and there. =)

just handed in the last of my assignments for this sem! phew... a total of 10 projs this sem.. crazily hectic.. but looking back.. it has been an amazing journey seeing how God has brought me through even the toughest times when i felt like if i was given one more nudge, i'll break and collapse.. there're just far too many things to thank God for..
but for now.. its the exam period again.. the usual studying thing.. need to discipline myself to sit down and do some studying.. and at the same time focus on my work!! been very distracted of late by one or two things.. (i realise i have to be very vague and ambiguous over here) yup but anyway.. gotta pull myself back.. I need to keep my eyes on the Lord and allow Him to lead.. cant take things into my own hands.. cant be impulsive..

Before i go for today..
read the David and Goliath passage last week as I was preparing for bs.. and the part from 1 Sam 17:45-47 really struck me (really love that part!)

Got reminded of several things:
1) the power of the name of the Lord
2) David's absolute trust and faith in God
3) David gave glory to God before anything else
4) the battle belongs to the Lord

yes indeed.. the battel belongs to the Lord, its never ours to fight.. we just need to yield ourselves to God's will, watch what He is doing and join Him..

10 July 2007

keep watching

finally decided to start blogging coz there's just so much I wanna share after all that I've experienced the past few weeks.. so keep watching.. =)